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Visual Composer changed the world by allowing creation of stunning page layouts easily. However, inability to use multiple Visual Composer builders per page or use it for category descriptions brings limitations to your message and expressiveness on a website. Along with that, many people felt the absent of data structures (especially developers) behind the templates.

Advanced Custom Fields changed the game in its turn one more time by allowing creating complex fields without a hassle. This is a Love of developers, because it allows to keep data clear and separate from the design along with having a better control over it. However, website owners experience a lack of visual representation of the information they put, which often leads to involving developers for making visual changes.

This all is in the past…

See what you can do now

Use Visual Composer Anywhere

By having Visual Composer ACF field type, you can add editor to any post type, taxonomy term or options page.

Add Multiple Visual Composer Editors

You can add unlimited amount of VC editors on a same page.

Add ACF Field to Visual Composer

Easily pick any ACF field from current or another category or post page, ACF options page or set custom field in Backend and Frontend editors.

All ACF PRO Fields Supported

Add text, number, date, time, image, gallery, repeater and even flexible content.

Create Visual Composer Content Snippets

Common static or dynamic content can be created in a single place.

Reuse Content Snippets Anywhere

Embed same content snippets into many pages, posts, categories and widgets.

Separate Data From Design

Use VC Snippets to create master templates and ACF fields to manage data. When you need to change the layout, it’s required to do it in a single place only, while changes will be applied throughout your website.

Use Templates

When you create a VC Snippet it automatically becomes available as a template in Visual Composer. Preview and add VC Snippets in Backend and Frontend editors.

Full Screen

When you need more space for editing content in Visual Composer that has been added to unusual places with ACF field, you can switch editor to full screen mode.

Compact Mode

When you need to include multiple Visual Composer editors into Repeater or Flexible Content field there might be not enough space for editing content. For such cases, you can display only short description of an editor field with “Edit content” button.


Allocate content snippets across custom categories to quickly find them for editing or inclusion into Editor or Widget, target custom ACF fields, keep layout sample ideas for future use and surely host your reusable live content.

Use In Widgets

Create content snippets with Visual Composer builder and add them to sidebars. Filter by category to quickly find the right snippet.

Unlimited Nesting

Could you image you can add to Visual Composer editor a Repeater or Flexible Content field, which has Visual Composer field that includes in its layout yet another ACF field, where it has one more Visual Composer…

Complex Fields

Did you know you can include Repeater and Flexible Content fields into Visual Composer?

ACF Fields Display

All ACF PRO fields will be displayed (with any return format), including image, gallery, embedded videos, pages, posts, categories, Google Maps (needs API key), repeater and flexible content.


The display of ACF fields included in Visual Composer can be customized with hooks.


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A very good plugin. It gives infinite possibilities. Support is of very high standard. This is the kind of plugin that you can buy eyes closed.

by PaulRouffignac

I’m very happy with this plugin which helped me add WP bakery Visual composer to categories descriptions and other emplacements where it not possible to enable it by default. That led to better looking categories pages with rich description. Never had a hitch with it either 🙂

by ericb2038

Just wow, ACF Pro included in the price, and a great replacement to Templatera too.
But the main goal is to add WPBakery Page Builder to your own custom fields which it does perfectly.
GREAT VALUE for money, don’t hesitate to buy.

Not needed support as it all works, but from what I can see support is ace too.

by exouk

A great plugin, and a very nice and humane support.
It is a crucial plugin when working with visual composer, very flexible, it saves life!

by abc3s

Top notch product and excellent customer service. Will be back for sure

by jkhaui

So, What Are The Essential Assets Here For You?

Visual Composer Field Type

 Use Visual Composer AnywhereAdd Multiple Visual Composer Editors 

ACF Field Picker

 Add ACF Fields to Visual ComposerAny field, including Repeater and Flexible ContentCustomize fields display on front-end 

Content Snippets

 Create reusable contentInsert into Visual ComposerAdd to Sidebars 



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