The Visual Composer field type allows you to easily use Visual Composer editor as any other ACF fields.

Field settings

ACF Visual Composer field has few extra settings that allow you to customize it in backend and frontend.

View mode

  • Full – renders full Visual Composer editor
  • Compact – renders just custom short description you set for the content and edit button.

Allow Classic Mode

If checked, then you would have ability to switch to standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Edit button label

Customizes “Edit content” button label, which is shown when it’s in compact mode.

Done button label

Customizes “Done” button label, which is shown when it’s in full screen mode.

Full screen mode

Customizes “Full screen mode” button label, which is always shown under Visual Composer editor.

Description label

Customizes “Description” label, which is used when it’s in compact mode.

Return value

  • Complete – returns string with shortcodes processed over the content and custom CSS added, which you can set in Visual Composer editor
  • Content – returns just a string with shortcodes processed over the content, without custom CSS.
  • Raw content – returns just a content string.
  • Raw data array – returns associative array of field values (content, css, description).

Front-end Wrapper Attributes

If one of the following values specified, then content will be wrapped with div tag and the following attributes:

  • id
  • class
  • style

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