VC Snippets is a powerful tool, allowing you to easily create & reuse content created with Visual Composer. When you edit VC Snippet in a single place, the changes will be immediately applied across your whole website.


Create content with Visual Composer

VC Snippets automatically turn on Visual Composer for editing content. However, you can customize this setting under Visual Composer -> Role Manager.

Categorize content

VC Snippets comes with custom taxonomy for categorizing your reusable content. You’ll be able to filter VC Snippets by category when adding them.


All VC Snippets you create becomes automatically available as a templates in Visual Composer template manager, which you can preview & append to your content in backend and frontend editors.


There is a VC Snippets widget also, that allows you to add VC Snippet to any sidebar. All VC Snippets could be filtered by category for easy browsing.


VC Snippets can be embedded in other VC Snippets, allowing you to create really complex and unlimited interconnections.

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